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CUSTOMEREYES was established in 2003 and we help organisations listen to the Voices of Customers (VOC) and Voices of Employees (VOE). By listening to these voices, we are able to help our clients develop a better understanding of how customers feel about their business, products and services. At the same, looking inwards, how their employees feel about the company they are working for as well as how they as employees see themselves and the company providing service to their customers.


We provide the following customer research services:


1)   Mystery Shopping (MS) - VOC

2)   Customer Satisfaction Surveys (CSS) - VOC

3)   Employee Climate Surveys (ECS) - VOE



We also provide the following supplementary services:-

  • Rewards & Incentive Shops (provide on-the-spot rewards to employees who demonstrate outstanding customer service performance)

  • Competitive Intelligence (gain detailed visibility of your competitors'

  • Customer Intercept/Exit Interviews (provide valuable insight into why customers are leaving your locations without buying)

  • Compliance Audits (enforce essential foundational elements such as correct product placement and accurate pricing)


Having secured these valuable information, our clients are able to formulate necessary intervention strategies and service improvement action plans. The ultimate business weapon today is SERVICE, SERVICE, SERVICE. Product innovations will only give your company a short leadership period, perhaps 1 month, and then it gets copied. Price wars also won't work and the next thing you know, your competitors' pricing is just as close to yours. Advertising and promotions can run into millions of ringgit and succeeds in drawing customers to your shops in a frenzy but.......your mediocre service at frontline may just be chasing your customers out the doors, cursing, shouting, fuming and your company FREE BAD WORD-of-MOUTH advertisement. There goes all your millions of ringgit. We strongly believe that SERVICE EXCELLENCE is the only weapon left in your business arsenal to secure a sustainable competitive advantage in the market and much more resources MUST be allocated in this direction.

Take immediate action today. If you say that you cannot afford it, my answer to you is; "You can't afford not to." You do not want bad service to rob you of the business that is rightfully yours. In fact, our service is actually FREE because it pays by itself. Better service means better business, and better business will pay our fees. Isn't that good news and gives you more reason why you should pick up the phone and call us TODAY?

Dr. Allen Teh

" If you don't take care of your customers,  someone else will"

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