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Successful organizations all have key characteristic in common - they work together to address problems and create a positive work environment. An employee climate survey enables a successful organization to operate more efficiently through the use of worker input and satisfaction ratings.

What are employee climate surveys?

Employee climate surveys are studies of employees' perceptions and perspectives of an organization. The surveys address attitudes and concerns that help the organization work with employees to instill positive changes.

Why would an organization want an employee climate survey done?

Employee climate surveys increase productivity. This is necessary during periods of decreased productivity, for organizations with a limited budget, or generally anytime management believes organizational output can and should be improved. Furthermore, if there is a specific reason for low productivity, such as high staff turnover or poor communication, an employee climate survey can help identify possible solutions to these problems.


Employee climate surveys are valuable tools when there is a change in the status quo. These changes include a reorganization of the company, an introduction of a new product or service, company relocation, a change in policies, or a period of rapid growth. In these situations, organizations must learn to work and communicate with employees to insure that the results of these changes will be positive. Climate surveys give employees a voice to assist in making these transitions as smooth as possible.

Additionally, climate surveys can set benchmarks for future surveys, which will allow more in-depth and time series analysis.

How does an employee climate survey work to increase an organization's bottom line?

Through these surveys, organizations can become more productive, plus serve as a basis for quality improvements. By identifying areas of inefficiency and acting on performance barriers identified by employees of all levels, an organization gains a fresh and different perspective. Survey analysis identifies areas of employee satisfaction and dissatisfaction to facilitate management in the creation of greater workplace harmony and, therefore, increased productivity. Conclusions are drawn from the data, and recommendations are made to the management team.

Furthermore, when an employee climate survey is conducted in conjunction with a customer satisfaction survey, disjoints between employee viewpoints and customer viewpoints can be identified.

Specifically, what aspects does an employee climate survey study?

Although each employee climate study is tailored to meet the needs of an individual organization, in general, they are aimed at all aspects of the employees' jobs. The study analyzes everything from an employee's workload to their relationships with co-workers and superiors to their salary to company policies and anything in between. Studies can range from focused (targeting specific problem areas) to general (overall employee input).

Why shouldn't an organization conduct their own employee climate survey?

External employee climate surveys have several benefits over internal surveys. First, employees will be more candid and open when approached by someone without direct ties to the organization itself. The trepidation of expressing thoughts regarding superiors and co-workers is removed by dealing with an experienced third party. Additionally, employees tend to provide more honest responses and opinions.

Second, personal interests will not create bias within the survey and analysis. An inter-organization study may focus on the problems that management perceives. The survey may start with the outcome already assumed and, therefore, be biased toward this outcome.

Third, the employee climate survey can cover the entire spectrum of workers, from part-time workers to the CEO. Since the research is done from an outside perspective, there is no limit to the achievable level of inquiry.

And lastly, Customereyes provides professionals who specialize in employee survey design and analysis. We are able to design a thorough and unbiased survey and produce mathematical and analytical results quickly and professionally.

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